Azerbaijan's losses were announced in two days - 47 tanks, 36 unmanned aerial vehicles and 400 servicemen

Azerbaijan began to suffer colossal losses in its confrontation with Armenia.

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which began two days ago, led to really big losses for the Azerbaijani side. So, according to the data on the evening of September 28, 2020, the losses of Azerbaijan have doubled, and at the moment they amount to 36 unmanned aerial vehicles, 47 armored vehicles (mainly tanks) and about 400 military personnel.

“Over the past two days of fighting, Azerbaijani troops have lost more than 400 people,” Deputy Commander of the Artsakh Defense Army Artur Sargsyan said at a press conference on 28 September. According to him, in addition to about 400 killed and wounded, the Azerbaijani side lost 47 tanks and armored vehicles, as well as 36 unmanned aerial vehicles. “As of 17:00, the following enemy losses were registered: 36 UAVs, 47 armored vehicles, more than 400 casualties,” Artur Sargsyan said., - about it сообщает Russian information publication "REGNUM".

Among other things, Azerbaijan also began to suffer very serious losses in the ranks of its air forces, in particular, it is known about four downed military helicopters and one downed military aircraft, which, as expected, was supposed to transfer paratroopers to the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh in order to work in behind enemy lines. Moreover, a day earlier it became known that the air defense systems of Armenia shot down 4 military helicopters of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which indicates the fact that the blitzkrieg of Baku in this direction suffered a complete failure.

You still believe in international organizations. Ask Yugoslavia. And she is no longer there)

they say there are no empty people left in Baku, everyone was killed in Karabakh

The Ars won all! Long live Great Armenia! And our valiant and invincible Armenian Armed Forces.

it is necessary NOT to interfere, but to let the Armenians and Azerbaijanis RESOLVE the Karabakh issue by MILITARY means once and for all. And so .... this conflict will rot constantly.

There is a long-standing dispute ... in the Council of Deputies, and then squabbled. But even though the children did not die ... the mother did not turn gray.

I agree, but on condition, it is necessary to return the Azerbaijanis who left their native villages and arrange democratic elections under the auspices of the organizations.

The Armenians state the losses of Azyzerbajan. Divide them by 3, you get more or less close to the truth.

This eternal conflict is the same as that of Israel and Palestine. There will be no peace until Nagorno-Karabakh becomes an independent, separate state. And even then, Azerbaijan will not calm down. The same is the constant dispute about the chicken and the egg, about the perpetual motion machine and about what our Earth arose from. Nobody knows, but everyone can explain.

Once upon a time there was a war between Iran and Iraq. There, too, dozens of tanks and planes were knocked out every day.