Russian troops broke through the US cordon and entered eastern Syria, erecting a checkpoint

Russian troops managed to break into the very enclave of Americans in eastern Syria.

The Russian military convoy, despite the opposition of the Americans, managed to break through to the eastern part of northern Syria. Earlier, in this direction, Russian troops experienced very serious pressure from the Americans, however, despite this fact, Russian servicemen managed to break through to this area, however, the key event is the fact that a Russian military checkpoint was deployed in this direction, completely blocking the movement of Americans from Iraq.

In the photographs presented, you can see that the Russian military successfully reached the city of Derik, and began to build a checkpoint here, deploying additional defense equipment and armored vehicles.

Despite the absence of official comments, experts believe that the Russian military intends to take full control of the northeastern part of Syria, blocking any access for the Americans here and at the same time blocking the paths of smuggling Syrian oil into neighboring Turkey.

According to Syrian media, local residents tried to create obstacles to the Russian military, however, given that Russia operates in Syria with the official consent of Damascus, any arguments on this score are unfounded.

The Russian Federation ensures the constant readiness of the Armed Forces, other troops and bodies to deter and prevent military conflicts, to armed defense of the Russian Federation and its allies in accordance with international law and international treaties of the Russian Federation.
"Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation" (approved by the President of the Russian Federation on December 25.12.2014, 2976 No. Pr-XNUMX)

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