MiG-29 fighters


Russia has begun the transfer of its MiG-29 fighters to Armenia. Video

The Russian Aerospace Forces transferred their fighters to Armenia.

In anticipation of very serious clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russia transferred at least three MiG-29 fighters to Armenia, which were noticed and filmed by local residents on a mobile phone camera. According to reports, the transfer of combat aircraft was carried out through the airspace of Iran, since Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey closed their airspace to Russia.

“Russian MiG-29 aircraft were delivered to Armenia from Iran. Fighters, presumably MiG-29s of unknown nationality, were spotted in the vicinity of Yerevan. According to other information, the video was shot in the sky of Azerbaijan ", - the "Telegram" -channel "Ateo Breaking" informs about it.

It is not known what exactly the flight at ultra-low altitude is connected with, however, at the moment there is information that the fighters did not violate the airspace of Azerbaijan.

So far, there have been no official statements on this score, however, experts draw attention to an important fact - a Russian military airbase is located on the territory of Armenia and therefore the transfer of Russian combat aircraft to Armenia is not something that violates international law, especially since Iran does not closed its airspace for Russian combat aircraft.

Friendship should be mutual. It means that for the sake of friendship, Azerbaijan endures when Armenians walk on our land.

Here it would be just and necessary to shoot down a little Turkish F-16, punish for our su-24, which the Turks shot down over Syria !!!

Azerbaijan enjoys the support of Turkey. The Turks have been our enemies all our lives. And now our enemy is on the side of the Azeri. We draw a conclusion and drive all Azeris from Russia.

Along the way, the policy of Azerbaijan becomes clear. Especially after Erdogan's statements. The mask came off another "friend" of the Russian Federation, as in 2014 in Ukraine.
War is very bad, but there are positive aspects to its consequences.

Zaur, you can't get off with tomatoes

Of course, the Turks know how to shoot down bombers with fighters from under the tishka, but against the light 29th they have little guts

Hooray!!!! You give a new victorious war, it is not known why.

if Azerbaijan knocks down a Russian plane, the fate of Georgia may turn out

and then the Iskanders will start working for those who do not understand that it is better not to anger the RSFSR

light 29s will cut any NATO aircraft into a nut, this is an aircraft, although old, but not older than the f16 f15, because they were created at the same time. And according to many pilots, it is much more effective.

... and thousands of azn will be deported from Russia to their historical homeland - to bury those who shot down this plane

Armenia threatens to use tactical missiles, including Iskander missiles, if Azerbaijan starts using F-16s in Karabakh. It should be noted that in case of expansion of the war space, Armenia is capable of inflicting critical damage on the Azerbaijani oil infrastructure, which will make the war for Azerbaijan completely unprofitable. Also in the country it is prohibited to travel abroad for men from 18 to 55 years old, who are subject to mobilization.

probably because of the C300 you write)))).
Or from the Moscow market?

It is better for Azerbaijan not to do this

If Russian planes violate Az-na's airspace, they will face the same fate of the downed plane near the borders of Turkey.