Pentapostagmus: S-400 delivered by Russia to Turkey are technically faulty

Turkey has discovered defects in the Russian S-400s that cannot be corrected.

The Turkish side announced that Russia supplied Turkey with S-400 complexes, which are defective, moreover, the malfunctions themselves cannot be eliminated - they tried to do this for six months, and at the moment this is the only reason why Turkey has not yet accepted complexes for service.

“The Turkish Foreign Minister confirmed that the S-400 missiles supplied by Russia have not yet been put into operation. However, sources and media report the existence of a technical gap identified by the Turkish army that it has not been able to resolve for about six months. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the Turks refused to accept Russian engineers into their territory and did not approve of the adaptation of the new S-400 electronic systems. It turned out that the Turkish army had neither the experience nor the knowledge to bring the Russian missiles on alert. At present, it is absolutely impossible to do anything without Russia's participation, but Ankara and its NATO partners believe that Russian experts will introduce “special” changes to Russian missile systems, which will have a very negative impact on the alliance ”, - about it сообщает edition "Pentapostagma".

What specific defects are in question is not specified, however, experts believe that Ankara has problems with configuring systems.

At the beginning of this year, the Turkish media announced that Turkey is sending Russian specialists from the country who were supposed to take part in the deployment of air defense systems, in connection with which the situation could indeed be quite difficult for Ankara.

Yes, the Turks received the S400 on credit, tested it, and now they refuse to pay! And engineers from the Russian Federation do not come to give the complexes to the Americans, such as for repair (if this article is not another invention of the author).

The Turks wanted to be smart, climb inside the equipment and disconnect the influence from Russia ... they didn't have enough brains, now the Turks will have a model of the S-400 ... worth a lot of money.

Let them invite Ukrainian specialists. Those will tune ...

The technical problem of the Turks is as simple as a Turkish orange: their hands are growing out of the wrong place to operate the S-400.

Krylov. "Monkey and glasses" ...