Hatzerim airbase


Unidentified missiles attacked Israeli airbase with Hatzerim

The Israeli military airbase Hatzerim was hit by 20 unknown missiles.

Around midnight, a powerful missile attack was launched on the territory of one of the largest Israeli military air bases, where the F-15 and F-16 fighters are based. According to information at the disposal of the Avia.pro news agency, at least 20 missiles were fired at the Israeli air base - according to the Hamas combat wing, none of the missiles fired was intercepted and "all of them inflicted devastating blows" on the military airfield.

Sources report that unknown missiles were used for the strike, which, obviously, is due to the fact that Israeli air defense systems were unable to intercept them, which is similarly observed with Iranian drones, none of which was shot down by Israeli air defense systems "Iron Dome".

At the moment, there is no way to establish real destruction at the Israeli military airbase Hatzerim, however, experts believe that the next target of the radical Palestinians will be the Israeli nuclear facility in Dimona - Hamas has at least about 300 missiles with a range of over 75 kilometers, which is quite enough to deliver strikes at a range of about 70 kilometers.

For the same reason that they did not write about 200 submarines.

and what they did not write that they destroyed 200 planes of Israel