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Putin was complained about corruption in the ranks of the Rossiya airline

Pilots have complained Vladimiru Putinu on the leadership of the airline "Russia".

As reported by several sources, the Russian pilots wrote Vladimiru Putinu a letter in which complain of corruption in the "Russia" airline ranks, in particular, it reported that, in spite of the existing debt to its employees, the company management is spending money on the purchase of expensive cars , repainting aircraft, improvement offices and so forth.

Experts do not exclude that the Russian president will be able to understand this situation, especially since the Court has already sided with the employees of "Russia" airlines who owed the payment of wages for a sufficiently long period.

I have been working in this company for many years. And we were never detained by the salary. Never! Even in bad times.
Material is a lie!

correctly but the board power feed disgrace than horrible and expensive tickets

People sat for hours on the plane. Dibilizm full. after such a want of good Russian saying ..........

The scheme has been worked out. They will change the organizational and legal form by joining the "rogue", from which there is nothing to take and will work without debts, changing one letter. This is what OJSC-AO Vostok Technic Service, Moscow did. He threw hundreds of people for millions with a salary and works quietly, not even deigning to replace the European approval. And they don't give a damn about your appeals, no one can do anything with them, neither the courts, nor the Prosecutor General's Office, nor even the president.



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