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Details of Israeli attack on Russian C-400 in Syria revealed

It became known how Israeli F-35 attacked the Russian C-400 in Syria.

After the emergence of information that several days ago Israeli fifth-generation fighter F-35 carried out a series of attacks against the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems deployed in Syria, details of these events were revealed.

According to data published in Russian and Arab media, the positions of the Russian S-400 air defense systems in Syria did indeed serve as targets for Israeli combat aircraft, however, for a number of reasons, Israeli combat aircraft did not approach them - American targets were used as attacks for combat aircraft Patriot systems, which, by the way, according to media reports, were successfully “destroyed” by Israeli fighters.

Specialists, in turn, note that such a success on the part of the Israeli Air Force is very doubtful, and under no circumstances can indicate the fact that military aircraft will successfully cope with the C-400.

“C-400 and“ Patriot ”are completely different systems, both in terms of characteristics and range of destruction. Patriot’s maximum range of targets is only 100 kilometers, while Russian C-400’s 380 kilometers ”, - the expert marks.  

When will you stop your cheap ambition?

C-400 has not yet been used, and you are already pouring boiling water, and if they are used, diarrhea is provided to you.

Remballez vos S-400. ce ne sont que des attrapes couillons financier. Vous n'avez jamais prouvé leur efficacité, et les Israéliens sont gentils de ne pas les pulvériser.