Battle laser


Israel-designed combat laser has not shot down any missiles fired from Gaza

The Israeli combat laser has only been good on paper.

Despite the fact that last year the Israeli military reported on the successful use of a recently developed laser combat complex against various types of air targets, it turned out that during 8 days of armed conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Israeli Iron Ray complex could not shoot down a single missiles fired on Israeli territory - according to analysts, this is a complete fiasco for this type of IDF weapon.

Despite the fact that the Iron Ray complex is designed to intercept air targets at distances of up to 7 kilometers, and hundreds of such shells were fired across Israel, it became known that this complex could not hit a single missile or a missile fired from the territory of the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, the Israeli side positioned the Iron Ray systems as a highly effective and reliable means of air and missile defense, however, in reality, the complex turned out to be just a “paper tiger”.

“If the Israeli military laser simply cannot cope with the interception of conventional rockets, then what can we say about supersonic cruise missiles and ballistic warheads, which cannot be guaranteed to be intercepted even by much more modern air and missile defense systems. The current situation indicates the fact that Israeli air defense / missile defense systems cannot withstand even under the strikes of the Palestinians, while Iran can fire up to 20 thousand of its missiles at Israel within an hour. ", - emphasizes specialist


The battle laser works only on modern missiles with control systems, while for the Palestinians these are blank missiles. So there can be no physical sense from these lasers.

No need to write nonsense. There are no numerous failures. Dome efficiency exceeds 90 percent

Where do these fakes come from? ???? "Iron Ray" has not even been adopted yet

Literally half an hour ago we were talking on Israeli TV about the "Iron Beam". He has not yet been finished for combat use, but in the next batch, we will clearly see his work

What is Hamas and how can you inflict something from it?

Russia is much like Iran

Come on, let everything be in your words, but why then there are only 10 victims and almost no destruction in Israel, after all, many missiles have been fired, according to some sources, more than 4000 thousand if the iron dome does not work and is so useless and weak, then I cannot imagine what happened would be with such a small state as Israel when hit by so many missiles, but at least 1500-2000

BBB, your comments give you a face of a certain nationality.
Iran was not afraid to retaliate for the murder of Qasem Soleimani to launch missile strikes on American bases in Iraq, and the Yankees swallowed this silently and without any consequences for Tehran.
Israel de facto possesses nuclear weapons and this is its main trump card, but it itself is "One Bomb State", i.e. for its complete destruction, just one atomic bomb is enough.
Israel has more than enough enemies in the region, and for one bomb, if anything, they will not spare money, and there will be no shortage of martyrs ...

The key word is "if". While Israel is in the red.

Nothing for the Jews, a lot of green toilet paper will print this is not a ruble that they print as much as they have dollars

And what has Russia to do with it?

Numerous videos clearly show a system failure in the Iron Dome system, as a result of which several of its interceptors self-destructed / self-detonated.

The rocket engine of the Iron Dome system does not have time to accelerate the rocket quickly enough to a speed sufficient to achieve interception during the acceleration phase of missiles with a launch range of 40-80 km.

The system was "unaware" that a target appearing on the radar was accelerating too quickly for any chance of a successful interception.

The tactics of a massive strike ("swarm") by Hamas, with its missile strikes against Israel, proves how weak the Iron Dome is. If Hamas can withstand the current intensity of missile attacks on Israel in the medium to long term, it will cause a big headache for the Israelis and undermine the resilience of both the Iron Dome and the Air Force dropping bombs on Gaza.

Again, air about some garbage writes, according to you, Israel no longer exists as a state, because the iron dome did not shoot down about 2500 missiles, and how do you imagine? Iran will never release more than one missile towards Israel, because then such a state as Iran will cease to exist, Do not worry about Israel if they can intercept such missiles, they will intercept ballistic and even supersonic missiles, if Russia doubted it, they would have inflicted Russian missiles on Israel from Hamas for a long time, so don't talk nonsense

Israel pays $ 100000 for each missile shot down, and the cost of one missile costs Hamas $ 800 !!!