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Russia gave Japan an unpleasant military surprise in the Kuril Islands

The deployment of modern weapons in the Kuril Islands will not allow the capture of the islands, even with the support of the United States.

Japan's attempt to exert not only political but also military pressure on Russia ended in complete failure for Tokyo. As it turned out, while Japan was trying to threaten Russia with the seizure of the Kuril Islands group, Russia had built up such a significant defense potential on its territory that now it can easily destroy enemy ships at distances of up to 700 kilometers, and aircraft, including American strategic bombers B-2 and F -35 can be hit at distances up to 400 kilometers, i.e. long before they can do anything.

To date, Russian coastal missile systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, tactical missile weapons, fighters and large units of the RF Armed Forces are deployed in the Kuril Islands. This, even in theory, does not allow Japan and its allies to claim the military seizure of Russian territory. Obviously, both Japan and the United States understand this, since these countries do not even attempt to approach Japan's so-called "disputed islands."

“Tokyo and Washington understand that Russia will immediately strike, and it will be later to figure out who and why violated its waters. At the moment, Russia has enough potential to arrange huge troubles for Tokyo ", - the expert marks.

"straightaway" ?! We saw this in the Gulf of Peter the Great, and near the Crimea with Angles.

firstly, not a return, but a capture,
and, secondly, because there was no, that there was adequate protection

Clear business! They want to live where they take money out of Russia. Why would they spoil their relationship)

Great news. Now the enemies will not dare to think about the return of the Kuriles. In addition, the population of the Far East will finally increase (at the expense of the military and their families). Confusing, however, is the fact that since 1945 there has not been a single attempt at the use of force to return the islands. The question arises: is it not paranoia among our strategists?

Something I did not see that Russia somewhere first struck, and then figured it out. No friends - this is not about us. The first thing that will happen is long-term concerns and protests. The experts got it wrong, they wrote about another country.



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