Russian Aerospace Forces strikes


Russia attacks NATO and Ukraine in the event of an offensive in the Donbass

Russia issued a warning to the West and Kiev - an attack on the Donbass will be the reason for a tough response from Russia.

The head of the Russian delegation at the talks in Vienna on military security and arms control, Konstantin Gavrilov, made a statement in which he stressed that Russia would be ready to retaliate if Kiev and NATO attempted to attack the territory of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and capture this region. We are talking about military measures, which indicates Russia's readiness for military confrontation to protect Russian citizens in the region.

“Everything was clearly said and warned: we will not tolerate when our citizens are attacked. Clearly stated, clearly stated in all the media "- said Konstantin Gavrilov.

The situation is extremely serious, since the current movements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass and the appearance both on the territory of Ukraine itself and near its borders of large NATO forces indicate the imminent start of an offensive by Kiev and the West.

NATO has not yet reacted to such a statement from Russia, believing that Moscow is trying to bluff. This indicates that the escalation of the situation will inevitably increase.

To date, according to Western estimates, a Russian army of 125 is deployed near the Ukrainian border. This significantly exceeds the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, even if NATO forces of 40 people arrive in Ukraine.

I'll wave the street with my sword, I'll wave the alley with my dagger...

Why is NATO here? NATO will not participate in hostilities, otherwise there will be a nuclear response. Only Ukraine will start a war against Russia.

They forgot that RUSSIA does not lose !!! so you have to repeat the story.

All Russians think that we have a strong army, we don’t know what’s going on on the border, and there’s nothing good, and NATO is not weaker than ours, we’ll see what happens next

That you are all lying NATO is very strong and they will not join the Russians, you need to look honestly and that no one will know

This will be the first and last attack.


For all

That you are all lying NATO is very strong and they will not join the Russians, you need to look honestly and that no one will know

Yes, one is enough for them. No more poking around

Let it begin, on the eve of the Olympic Games ...
In ancient times, they stopped the Wars, now they are unleashing them ... And nothing is a decree for them, for children who grew up without a Belt ...

Here I will look at the mass of computer warriors ... who do not know what a real war is. With a country, countries with powerful armies, powerful industry, entire armies of drones ... This is not Syria for you! !

Ukraine is pumped with weapons!!! As long as RUSSIA does not recognize the LPR and DPR, sooner or later hostilities will begin in the unrecognized republics !!! There will only be more victims!

Train tickets Kiev-Moscow will rise in price very soon

For the states, yes, the latter. Only the attack will be on Nevada.

NATO will fall after its attack? Or will the Russians continue to attack as long as no one in Europe needs our gas?

Yes, this will be the first and last attack on the fact that NATO will be destroyed!

FOR NATO YES, And Ukraine will generally be knocked out from Donetsk and Luhansk and Crimea !!

The attack will be multiple, with cone-shaped guys flying up to us at Mach 27. And the world will end.
No one will attack each other from these countries. NATO RF. Or EU RF.

This will be the first and last attack.