Russia showed a unique S-2021 air defense system with 400 anti-aircraft missiles at IDEX-8

At an exhibition in the UAE, a unique Russian S-400 air defense system equipped with 8 missiles was lit up.

The Russian military demonstrated at the IDEX-2021 exhibition the S-400 complex (according to other sources - an upgraded version of the S-300 - ed.), Equipped with 8 launchers at once, which caused a real sensation, since it was previously assumed that one the complex can launch only four missiles, and not eight, as shown in the photograph.

In the photographs presented, you can see the S-400 complex on the MZKT chassis, which, in addition to four standard missiles, is armed with 4 additional missiles designed to destroy targets at short distances, which significantly expands the capabilities of the Russian S-400. -Missile complex allows you to protect your own positions from any external attacks, if it is impossible to use additional medium and short-range air defense systems.

The photos that have appeared on the web have already been called the genius of the Russian military.

“The Russians have doubled the combat capabilities of their air defenses by simply adding four more anti-aircraft missiles. It is logical to assume that, if necessary, the S-400 can use up to 16 missiles, four in each launch container "

“Russian interceptor missiles can now shoot down twice as many NATO planes. Maybe it's time for the command to come up with something new? "

It should be noted that there are still no official comments regarding the Russian complex presented at the IDEX-2021 exhibition.

Let me correct: in this case, it can be seen that a block of 4 small missiles was added to 4 launch containers, and did not replace one of them.

If they sell it means - there is better

Dear, you will first figure out what is included in the Complex. For different air defense systems, the composition is different. In this case, you are talking about just one PU and this is not a complex. The photo shows an added package of smaller missiles for one launcher, probably in order "not to fire a cannon at sparrows."

In general, the ZRPK is an anti-aircraft missile cannon system, this is about the Pantsir, and the MANPADS is a portable anti-aircraft missile system, this is about the Igloo

All modern air defenses are very expensive and massive, the cost of the missile can correspond to the cost of the downed aircraft and in size, too. The pair already have more advanced means in service that can remove the vital systems and weapons of the aircraft. Something like a laser and be used many times without recharging.

Actually, not an air defense missile system, but a MANPADS - a Mobile Anti-Aircraft Missile System.

this is all very strange ...

5 * 4 = 20 pcs.