combat ships of the Russian Federation


Russia is lining up ships in battle formation near Ukrainian borders

Russia sent its warships to defend Donbass and Crimea.

Kiev's reluctance to resolve the situation in Donbass by diplomatic means, as well as the deployment of significant forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the Russian border in Crimea, forced Russia to take rather harsh retaliatory measures by sending its warships, and we are probably talking about the ships of the Caspian Flotilla, to the Ukrainian border.

Given the current circumstances, the Russian military can now not only protect the peninsula from possible attacks and provocations from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also, in fact, ensure security in Donbass, but also in the event that Russian peacekeeping forces are likely to enter the region, as Kozak said earlier.

“Russia can defend the residents of Donbass if forced,” he said.

The deployment of Russian warships in the waters of the Azov Sea will allow the Russian military to once again remind that the escalation of the situation in the region is fraught with serious consequences.

At the same time, the information resource has information that the deployment of the ships of the Caspian Flotilla in the waters of the Azov Sea will not be carried out, since they are heading to the Black Sea.

In my opinion, Zelensky requested negotiations with Putin, but he was refused. This is to the question of Ukraine's unwillingness to solve problems through diplomatic means.

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Calling Vladimir Putin "Vovan", you certainly stood on the same level of popularity with the President of the Russian Federation)) Turkey will soon "swallow the bitter pill" in support of the provocative activities of Ukraine. I hope that after such moves, Erdogan will be presented with a real bill for his two-faced policy regarding relations with the Russian Federation.

The Caspian Naval Flotilla is located in the Caspian Sea. Author minus 5 points for geography!

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Vovan plays with fire. His advisers are hanging on his ears. In fact, all documents have been prepared for entering and providing assistance. Transport workers fly not for nothing. On Gostomel, the formation of white helmets is in full swing, columns every night a rod across Varshavka. The air defense around Kiev is in full combat. The entire defense is in place, and this is 350000 partisans in the rear. And Turkey is providing good assistance.

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Of course we know about the existence of the channel! But!!! The greatest depth of the channel, alas, is only 3,5 meters, and no matter how significant in all this situation, the ships of Project 11661 "Cheetah" simply will not pass there!

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Do you even know that there is a Volga-Don Canal for the transfer of ships from the Caspian Sea !?

Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg.

"we are probably talking about the ships of the Caspian flotilla, to the Ukrainian border" Che ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Again, the ships are dragged overland like under Peter ?! Mdaaa

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In the photo there are American ships, if I'm not mistaken.

And what should they do in Azov then?
In the event of a mess, their goal is to land in Nikolaev, Odessa ... To drop troops into Mariupol. And the Black Sea Fleet ships - to cut off NATO troops from the shores ..
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