Russian submarine with 160 nuclear warheads appears off the coast of the United States

A Russian nuclear submarine with 160 nuclear warheads appeared off the US coast.

The Russian nuclear submarine of the Borey project, armed with 16 Bulava ballistic missiles, unexpectedly appeared off the coast of the United States, which greatly frightened Washington. Each of the missiles in service with the submarine is capable of carrying up to 10 nuclear warheads. This created an extremely serious danger for the United States, especially since it was not possible to trace the Russian nuclear submarine.

As follows from the material presented by the NetEase publication, the Russian nuclear submarine of the Borey project (according to other sources, we can talk about the Akula project submarine), approached the US coast unnoticed, staying there for a very long time. It was possible to establish the location of the nuclear submarine carrying up to 160 nuclear warheads after the crew of the nuclear submarine began returning to the base, which greatly frightened the United States, especially in the face of clearly cooled relations between Moscow and Washington.

“The most powerful nuclear submarine in service with the Russian Navy, capable of carrying 160 nuclear warheads, boldly broke into the rear of the United States. […] 160 warheads of the nuclear submarine "Borey" is a good reason for Washington to be nervous about the Russian submarine", - reports the publication "NetEase", emphasizing that Russia is ready to constantly keep the United States in suspense with its submarines, capable of destroying most of the territory of the United States of America in a few minutes.

In the event that Russia really decides to equip a naval base in Cuba or in Venezuela, as reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian nuclear submarines can constantly patrol the waters near the US coast. Obviously, this will become a very big problem for Washington.