Russian electronic warfare systems stunned the F-35 fighter

Russian electronic warfare systems were able to successfully stun the F-35 fighter.

During the NATO military exercises "Baltops 2021", Russian air defense systems were able to successfully detect and identify the F-35 fighter of the Italian Air Force, after which the fifth generation combat aircraft underwent powerful electronic suppression from Russian electronic warfare systems located in the Kaliningrad region, and also a few minutes later, thanks to the blinding of the radars of the F-35 fighter, the Russian Su-30SM fighter also managed to get close to it (initially it was mistakenly assumed that it was a Su-35S fighter - ed.).

According to experts, the Russian military lured the American fighter into a trap by sending a military aircraft to the Baltic Sea area, which was spotted by the F-35 fighter, however, thanks to the cover of the electronic warfare systems, at that moment the Su-35SM fighter flew up to the Italian F-30 ...

The fact that the detection means of the F-35 fighter did not manage to see the approach of the Russian Su-30SM fighter under the influence of electronic warfare means that the fifth generation fighter is very vulnerable, however, another thing is remarkable - it was discovered by Russian air defense systems, which allows us to assert that American stealth technologies do not provide real protection.

So the article is not about the fact that the F-35 is used by LL, but about the fact that it was discovered and about the fact that it was exposed to electronic warfare. Everyone, of course, knows about LL. But this does not negate the fact of its discovery.

Do you even know that the F35 has 4 Luneberg lenses on the surface? And they are great on radars. Actually, they are needed so that the enemy (ie, we) does not know the real RCS and the "radio signature" of the aircraft without lenses. I do not know if they can shoot back in flight, but on the ground they can definitely be removed during a threatened period.



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