Russian S-400s in India turned Pakistani Air Force and Chinese stealth into nothing

With the arrival of the Russian S-400 in India, the Pakistani Air Force has become nothing.

Accelerated deliveries of Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems to India's armaments turn the Pakistani Air Force into absolute nothing, since any attempt by Islamabad fighters to violate Indian airspace or enter the airspace over disputed regions will turn into their immediate defeat, while striking back Pakistan will not be able to because of the large radius of destruction of Russian complexes.

“Former Indian Air Chief Marshal Birender Dhanoa analyzed and compared 40H6 missiles with Rafale weapons. According to him, when striking the Pakistani military, they are able to show good results, however, when fighting the Chinese army, the weapons of the Russian Federation will show themselves most effectively. The relevant information was provided by the Actual news edition. Former Chief Marshal Dhanoa remains a staunch supporter of the acquisition of France's Rafale multirole fighters. The expert also believes that the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems have their own advantages. According to the expert, in the operation of both combat units, India has a technological superiority over Pakistan. The vehicles have a range capable of destroying neighboring aircraft, such as multifunctional fighters F-16 and others ", - about it сообщает publication "PolitExpert".

It should be clarified that according to the Pakistani media, the very information that Russia intends to supply its S-400 complexes to India earlier than the agreed timeframe infuriated the Pakistanis, since this will give a very serious advantage to New Delhi, especially against the background so far the ongoing conflict between the two countries. It is even noteworthy that in the near future, Chinese fifth-generation fighters should also appear in the armament of the Pakistani Air Force, however, obviously, the purchase of the S-400 will completely cancel out this advantage.