Russian planes rolled out radars and NATO air defenses - this has never been done by any other country in the world.

Russian military aircraft and warships have done an incredible thing, doing something that no other country in the world has dared to do.

Despite the very tense relations between Russia and NATO, Russian warplanes and warships, ignoring warnings, not only actively approach the borders of NATO countries, but also successfully cross them, moreover, this is done with the active suppression of radar and air defense systems of the military alliance.

According to the data that appeared earlier, the Russian Su-27 fighter, hiding behind an American military aircraft, successfully entered the airspace of one of the NATO member countries, while the air defense means could not attack the Russian combat aircraft. Moreover, given the fact that it was not initially possible to locate the fighter, it was suggested that the pilot of the latter used electronic warfare equipment to suppress NATO radars.

In addition, about two days ago, two Russian warships successfully penetrated into the territorial waters of Sweden - the approaching ships could not be immediately detected, although, as it turned out later, the ships stayed in the waters of Sweden for at least 11 minutes, probably going deeper at a distance of 1-2 nautical miles.

It is noteworthy that to date no other country in the world has applied such measures to NATO member countries, and, no less important, the North Atlantic Alliance was unable to respond quickly to such actions.

Do you see what's the matter with our militia on the drum of whose planes to shoot down Ukrainian American aircraft over Donbass or whose

Duc is Sweden not a NATO member state, or have I missed something in politics ???

And what is there to be proud of?

Well, yes, and then they will catch up and add more. Whatever the president says or proposes, "our" bureaucrats will be able to emasculate any common sense and reduce it, at best, to No. And at worst, cause harm.

And the dollar at the same time costs almost 80 rubles ... Apparently they were not very scared, we must frighten more!