Aircraft EW


Russian military bases in the Kaliningrad region again underwent a radio-electronic siege of military aircraft

Warning fighters VKS Russia did not work against military aircraft of the West.

Despite the fact that days earlier, the Russian Su-27CM fighters were alerted and were able to drive away the American military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135V and the Swedish reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream IV from the Russian borders several hours ago, under similar circumstances again laid siege to the Russian military bases in the Kaliningrad region.

According to the information presented in open sources, the American EW EC-130H Compass Call aircraft performed a long flight at the southern borders of the Kaliningrad region. The Swedish military aircraft of electronic intelligence Gulfstream IV "spied" for Russian military objects from the western and north-western direction.

Instead of the American plane of electronic intelligence Boeing RC-135V, the strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4 Global Hawk was used.

Earlier, open sources showed that the American military aircraft crossed the airspace of the Kaliningrad region from the south-east to north-west, however. according to analysts, this is primarily due to the work of electronic suppression systems that disrupted the functioning of satellite facilities, however, it remains unknown which side resorted to this.

And what can you shoot down? Well, you idiot!

I stop believing in the existence of Russian EW assets: why do the NATO funds fly along Russian borders and they are not “blinded”? This is a minus to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

NADO knock them down.