UAV strike


Russian drone strikes at largest oil depot of Turkey-backed jihadists

For the third time, the Russian attack drone attacked the largest oil depot of the pro-Turkish jihadists.

Tonight, a Russian attack unmanned aerial vehicle, and, according to the source, we are talking about the Russian Orion drone, which has been widely used in Syria recently, struck another missile attack on the terrorists' oil depot near the city of Tarkhin. This is the third Russian air strike in the region in the past few weeks.



According to Twitter user Last Defender, the Russian Orion drone once again attacked terrorist positions in northwestern Syria. The last such air strike was on January 10, which indicates that Russia is trying to prevent militants from transporting oil to neighboring Turkey, destroying, among other things, jihadist personnel, their equipment and weapons depots.

According to a number of other sources, there were two explosions in total, however, there are suggestions that the strikes were not delivered by unmanned aerial vehicles, but by combat aircraft.



According to Sentry Syria, shortly before the strikes, an unmanned aerial vehicle was indeed seen near the area, however, the drone could not be identified.