A Russian combat helicopter has been practicing a strike on the USS Porter missile destroyer that has appeared in the Black Sea

Russia uncovered the cunning of the US Navy and carried out an unusual simulated strike on the missile destroyer USS Porter.

After Russia closed all approaches of American and NATO ships to the Crimea and areas considered the most acceptable for strikes on Donbass, it became known that the United States went for a trick and literally a few days later, a missile destroyer of the US Navy entered the Black Sea " USS Porter "tried to approach the Russian borders, but the Russian side took countermeasures and simulated a strike on the destroyer, using an attack helicopter for this.

“According to reports, a week ago, when the US destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea, alarms suddenly went off. The sailors of "USS Porter" went on deck and were already preparing to take the battle ", - reports the publication "Sohu", noting that literally a few meters above the deck of the destroyer hovered a Russian combat helicopter.

Judging by the data presented, we are talking about the Ka-52 helicopter, which appeared so unexpectedly, probably hiding its presence with on-board electronic warfare systems, that it caused panic among the American sailors, since the combat vehicle could easily destroy the missile destroyer.

Russia's harsh actions were caused primarily by the aggressive actions of Washington. At the same time, experts point to the fact that, taking into account what happened, the appearance of the American fleet in the Black Sea will not make any significant changes in the balance of power in the region.


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