Russian drone-kamikaze "Cube-UAV" destroyed the leader of the Syrian terrorists?

Russian drone killed the leader of the Syrian terrorists.

A few hours ago, in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Raqqa, the key field commander of the terrorist group Jahbat Al-Nusra (banned in Russia - editor's note), Abdulhamid Al-Matar Al-Mahmud, was liquidated. The terrorist was destroyed near the settlement of Suluk and, judging by the wreckage of the drone, we are talking about a rather miniature Russian UAV "Cube-UAV", which, by the way, had previously taken part in delivering high-precision strikes against Syrian militants.

In the images presented, you can see the eliminated terrorist and the place of the drone strike. Apparently, the militant tried to escape from the Russian drone, but it was still possible to liquidate it with a powerful explosion. Experts, however, draw attention to the fact that the wreckage of the drone very much resembles the design of the Russian kamikaze drone "Cube-UAV", although the Russian side has not yet confirmed the fact of the elimination of the terrorist.

“In the province of Raqqa, the former field commander of Jahbat al-Nusra, Abdulhamid Al-Matar Al-Mahmud, has been liquidated. After a split in the group, he remained loyal to Al-Qaeda (a terrorist organization banned in Russia - ed.) And joined Khurras Ad-Din (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.). The terrorist was neutralized in the settlement. Suluk with the help of an unknown kamikaze UAV. It is noteworthy that in January this year, the Khurras al-Din militants carried out the first terrorist attack in the Raqqa province. Servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces became the target of the jihadists ", says Directorate 4.

Recently, the Russian side has been actively eliminating key Syrian militants, thereby creating serious problems for the existence of terrorist groups in Syria.

At the same time, there is still unconfirmed evidence that an American drone may be behind the attack - the terrorist was destroyed by the Hellfire missile, however, at the same time, experts pay attention to the relatively small consequences of the explosion, which is not typical for attacks by such missiles ...

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