Russian Ka-52 flew over American positions in northern Syria

The Russian Ka-52 combat helicopter flew over the positions of the American military.

A few hours ago, a Russian Ka-52 combat helicopter flew over the Syrian province of Raqqa. According to a number of data, a Russian combat helicopter "inspected" this region of Syria after a convoy of the American military went here, since the territory of both the city of the same name and partially the province of Raqqa is controlled by the American military and pro-American forces.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the passage of the Russian Ka-52 combat helicopter over the city of Raqqa. The flight is carried out at low altitude. This indicates the fact that the aircraft was not just heading to one of the Russian military bases in central Syria, but it was monitoring and monitoring the situation.

Recently, the Russian military is increasingly using Ka-52 helicopters to carry out missions in the eastern, northern and central parts of Syria. At the same time, if earlier Russian combat rotorcraft even interfered with the American military in conducting missions, then during the current flight no incidents were reported.

It should be noted that the United States continues to maintain its presence in the northern and eastern parts of Syria, despite the previously announced reduction of the American military grouping in the Arab republic.