Russian Su-30 was ready to launch its missiles at the French Mirage 2000

They wanted to cure the "dullness" of the pilots of the French Mirage 2000 fighters by launching missiles from the Su-30 fighter.

The incident with the appearance of French Mirage 2000 fighters near the Russian borders, the Russian military intended to prevent the launch of missiles in the direction of combat aircraft of the French Air Force. This was stated by the pilot of the first class Andrei Krasnoperov, noting that the tactics of overclocking three French military aircraft (two fighters and a tanker aircraft - made it possible to resolve the situation without the use of weapons

“Its armament is such that it can attack several targets at once and shoot down all three aircraft at once, even without question. Therefore, it is enough for him to warn his comrades not to speak. He was given the task of driving away, he comes up and shows his weapons with his wings, that, like, guys, where you need to - that is, the direction of retreat shows and that's it. And if they start to rattle, a couple of missiles will be launched on the course and that's it. But I think it won't come to that. ", - said Andrey Krasnopyorov.

Judging by the fact that, after the last tough warning, the French pilots no longer showed up near the Russian borders, it is obvious that the Russian military explained very lucidly how such dangerous provocations could end.

To date, the French Air Force command has not yet explained the reasons for the provocative flights of French fighters armed with tactical missiles near the Crimean borders.

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