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Russian supersonic passenger liner called fiction

Aircraft manufacturers: Putin’s mandate on a supersonic liner is not feasible

Russian President Vladimir Putin does not give up the habit of setting tasks that seem unsolvable. Examples include the creation of a cruise missile with a nuclear engine and an unlimited range. The same can be attributed to the construction of an uninhabited underwater vehicle having a nuclear warhead of megaton capacity. And now the challenge for aircraft manufacturers. While in Kazan, Putin recommended resuming the subject of a supersonic passenger plane.

Actually, at first glance, everything is simple here. Time has not passed since the USSR began to compete with its Tu-144 with the French-British "Concord". However, if there were no difficulties in this, then those planes would still carry out passenger transportation.

Although those two liners ahead of their time, their history was not easy. Disasters happened. Unable to solve environmental problems in the transition of aircraft at supersonic speeds. At the same time, the thunder occurred in such a way that its power exceeded all permissible norms. And one of the most important problems was the economy. Because of the super-expensive tickets, passengers refused to win in time.

Tu-144 and "Concorde" have gone down in history, and nobody raised the topic of supersonic speed for passenger liners. At a meeting in Kazan, Putin mentioned the Tu-160 supersonic missile carrier. As it is, a supersonic aircraft has been created for military aviation, but not for civil aviation.

It turned out that the analogy in this case will not work. After all, it is impossible for shipbuilders who create missile cruisers to suggest building a passenger liner.

However, the president proposed to "think." From this word to "create" a huge distance. On this occasion, the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov has already said that the design (draft and subsequent working) of a supersonic passenger airliner can be started no earlier than 2022 - 2026 of the year.

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) reported on research work on the creation of a demonstrator of a supersonic passenger aircraft. The cost of work for the period from 2017 to 2019 is estimated at 1,37 billion rubles.

According to Tupolev, who created the Tu-144 and Tu-160, a supersonic passenger airliner may make its first flight in the 2027 year. It will cost 105 billion rubles. In this case, the aircraft will be able to carry a maximum of thirty passengers at a speed of about 1900 kilometers per hour.

According to the military expert, the chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Viktor Murakhovsky, to create a supersonic passenger plane, you need to solve many problems related to technology. So, now in Russia there is simply no engine for such an aircraft. The existing serial powerplant NK-32 simply does not meet the requirements for civil aircraft engines. It takes ten years to develop the engine you need.

Oleg Panteleev, executive director of the Aviaport agency, also speaks of major problems in creating a supersonic passenger plane. This number includes environmental requirements. It is required to reduce the noise effect when the aircraft transitions to supersonic speed. The next challenge is the acceptable cost of operation.

Panteleev says that TsAGI specialists have experience in creating a wing configuration and its conjugation with the fuselage, which will minimize noise, which will allow the liner to fly over land. The Concorde flew to North America at supersonic speed only over the ocean. However, the difficulties with economy are more serious.

Of course, working on a supersonic civilian aircraft is a loud task. However, it can only be done by solving first closer tasks that will bring effect in the foreseeable future.

Just because there is no money for the rogue, it does not mean that Russia does not have the technical material base, the stupid Pindos from the USA

Tractor Nitsche such a plane, not a bon campaign ... Someone redhead, loot masters ...

and you yourself, for the beginning, you will do something, well, this is necessary and important, for the kitchen


Cat threw kittens, then Putin is to blame! Moron!

Let us, Vladimir Vladimirovich, for a start, try to produce a household mixer on our own, without Chinese "scientific and technical assistance." To inside and out. And that is good and inexpensive.

you are not vladimr, you are the USA

And Khrushchev to 1980 - communism! That's how we live.

Two years ago, refined kerosene cost 62 rubles per liter, 140 rubles per liter this new year. In the Tamansk division there is not a single T-80 tank with an aircraft helicopter engine, what kind of gold fuel has become for aircraft, and why is a diamond super-sound? ?

All of our patriotism ends at the moment when you communicate with representatives of sectors where high-quality equipment and equipment are necessary for work.

In fact, these people breathed a sigh of relief after the collapse of the Union - they got free access to high-quality technological opportunities for work. We could never do anything like this.
And now, when the question arises of working on an import-replacing technique (in any field), serious, responsible specialists have a cold sweat from our patriotic clumsy handicrafts or copies.

I agree with those people who say that we need to follow the example of China - swell less and threaten from here, and learn more, learn and learn more

The development of another union and there is a lot of good.

What are VM-12 ???? Not a single computer device serially can do ... Motherboards, hard drives, video cards ....

aha, we will build a DEIRABLE, we will fill it with a city and we will ban smoking on board. it can jerk. and it is even better to transfer civil aviation to aerostats, it is cheap and flies high, and that only downwind, so little kerosene is needed, just to get warm.

Then one figure wrote that the Russian development has long lagged behind the United States, and that the Pindos have the TR-3b. I read about this miracle of technology, a ring-shaped mercury accelerator is generally something, a couple of videos are even filmed. I’ll go and forget about the sofa, and I will be afraid.

Listen, propagandist fucking, you che us US development advertise ?! You work there for anyone on the Pentagon, so get out, and with regards to the US military and Russia, so we have such developments that can not be repeated anywhere in the world, and even more so no one else! So, go ahead, do propaganda somewhere in Ukraine or Indochina, get out of Russia!

Our developers will not be able to make such a breakthrough technique. They are incapable in principle, because they are incompetent, stupid, especially the leaders of developers. All the equipment that is created in Russia is much worse than that created abroad. For example, Boeing, Airbus overtook our passenger "super development" MC-21, the superjet by the 20 years. And the US space forces have overtaken our space industry years on 30. The United States has secret aerospace vehicles, invisible to radar, hypersonic, acceleration from 5 km per second to square meters. It can fly at an altitude of 5-10 km with a speed of 10 km per second and more, the range 20 is thousand km. It is a device of type TR-3B and its numerous modifications. TR-3B will catch up with the ICBM, or another missile, any aircraft and destroy. It can attack from space, from a height of 300-500 km vertically down, launches rockets at speeds of 30-50 km per second.

It would be better to build airships, they are safe, noiseless and, most importantly, inexpensive to produce and fly them.

Everything would be fine, but before the construction of the bridge to the Crimea, too, some people were laughing and believed that Russia was screaming another bullshit ...

The TU-160 has no imported components. Do not grind the tongue here if you are not in the subject.

Write in your Rugul language, what are you commenting on in great Russian?

marasmus. Why build flying coffins when the bulk of the aircraft in the rashka is 25 Boeing years after the Arabs. first cover the Russian market with new super jets and then build what you want.

Thank you, Alexander.

probably you with ukuriny, which has already done everything

It is not a question here - it is possible or not. Rather, it is a stimulus of creativity. Not a single Western company was going to build the Crimean bridge, but hundreds of thousands of cars and trucks have already driven through it. I am sure that there is a ready-made solution for passenger supersonic as in Syria.

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You, always aching, sprinkling with saliva and bile, criticizing and
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But everyone loves to be sad about anything incomprehensible ”..... E.LETOV.

For some reason, everyone has a wrong idea about the transition of an aircraft to supersonic and the impact on the surrounding space of the resulting shock wave. Those. when someone hears a thunderous sonic boom, they usually say: "The plane has switched to supersonic!" So, the misconception is that this sound indicates that the shock wave from the flying plane passed through you, and the plane itself has been flying supersonic for a long time. Those. the plane flies on supersonic and behind it on the ground "flies" a shock wave. This can be imagined if you take a rope, tie a stone to it and walk, dragging the stone along the ground. The rope itself will symbolically show the shock wave. And a stone dragging along the ground will show consistently impact on objects on the ground. And more interesting. If you listen, the thunder is double. Those. not once "Bam !!!", but "Bam-bam !!!". This is because the shockwave from the aircraft comes from both its nose and tail. It's just that it is weaker from the tail and the second "bam" is somewhat quieter, but still clearly audible. In the example with a rope, this is to take a stick and tie the ropes with stones to the beginning and end of the stick. Lead this stick along the ground along its length and two consecutively crawling stones on the ground will symbolize "Bam-bam !!!"

Well, I don’t know who you are, but I’m your lizun — the enemies of Russia and ours — are enemies too! There is no money for medicine - millions die without receiving the necessary treatment. Tens of millions - collect money, some by phone, some by TV. To spec. Do not get to doctors - there are no coupons on 1 - 3 of the month! Schools, kindergartens, clinics, hospitals, sports grounds ... there is no economy! For Moscow, everything is there! But on crazy ideas - everything is there

There is neither material base, nor design decision.
Russia is bluffing, because it can’t do anything else.

The man in the street sees a blunt saw, the woodcutter tries to cut down a tree. Everyman woodcutter: - Dear, maybe you should sharpen the saw. In response, the woodcutter groaned: - I have no time to sharpen a saw, I have to cut. Well, something like this we will build our new EMES-superfast.

Why, Lord, shoot! ??? In Russia, dohrena smart and talented engineers who dream to build themselves .. Just let them create the conditions

Well, let the "uncle" fly on the Superjet! "Mixer" not a plane.

Agree to all 100!

At the next stage - again a daunting task - apparently IT is the main one for the people who need to fly so quickly and so dearly. A more modest for RUSSIANS impossible

Putin doesn’t care what to do - just not to do ANYTHING

Well, but in fact there is something to argue?

Billions of budget money have already been poured into the motorcade so that our "everything" could comfortably move itself along empty Moscow streets. now another 105 billion in order to save a couple of hours with the retinue on flights. That's all nat. projects

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we needed space for security — carrier delivery, satellite launch, why the moon, why Mars, why supersonic airliners, nobody knows, and under our feet, in the ocean, we do not even suspect //

We must set goals and go to them, who said that the path will be easy, but we must go, otherwise why we live ....

Medvedev, promised teleportation by 2020. All riddles from them.

A ticket to Concord New York-London, cost more than 20000 usd, who is ready?

Another 1001 tale of the night. Quite boasting and a desire to show how cool we are. Nothing will be done. This is just a verbiage. Let's wait when the Americans or the Chinese do it, then we will buy from them.

They can't build a superjet-100, well, comedians took up a supersonic plane.

Such garbage will be able to fly only in space, and when landing on a strip, its wings will fall off

And where should we rush super-sonorous, eh?
Getting to the landing time will take more than you save on supersonic.

still VM-12 to adjust release.

I agree, also better built

Earthlings are ready to give you all our technical knowledge!

Better used EKIP Rebuilt from 6 to 600 people transportation
where more practical and foreigners would stand in line

such things are not done by one country, and then again the navel will tear

Well done! Right. Enough to fly kerosene.

The main thing is that the money is allocated, but the tenth plane is not going to work out and strike with him (thought Rogozin)

I remember once Putin and Medvedev promised a thermonuclear reactor by 2015. The "lawyers" are not at all aware of scientific and technical issues, so they are rushing.

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I propose to make the device according to the UFO principle. The speed is not limited maneuverability at any moment at least where the pilot's brains would just stand, the hull and engine parts made of plastic. Tired of offering ......

We would have to restore the production of AH-2, otherwise we don’t have to go to the next village. We need them in Siberia

Will do. Where will this order go?
It is worth a couple of designers shot down meaningfully, and everyone else will earn as pretty

Nichevo Let's make the airplane. No matter what!

Communist, I thought what he said?

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Try to continue to conduct their acts of defecation in specially designated areas.

For a country as big as Russia, at least for the president and the prime minister.

Is there an economic need for mass air transportation of passengers with the communication technology for human communication existing in the world practice? The movement of the masses of the human flow has been done with great labor and technical safety of the aircraft. It is necessary to wear completely different ways of moving on the ground, with a small fraction of the costly economy, which would be carried out with a greater likelihood of a method of movement that is safe for human life. What borders on the level of the experiment should not be aplombed for mass use by decree or desire of one person.

19 year, one bla, bla, bla ....

Do my eyes fool me, or does the device on the pict really look suspiciously like the Normandy SR-2?

During the clowns. Lapti normal we can not weave, but there is the same as developed countries.

That's right, skolkovo and any kind of nanopuno technology is already past, but it’s necessary to work with your head and hands, on Soviet developments, the resource is already being developed, it’s easier to steal and deceive !!! And for some reason, in the Soviet Union, after the assignment was given, the ENGINEERS, not the glass bottlers, completed the technical task and the Unified State Exam, tests for identifying dibil from a normal person at the heart of the matter ... Why is the creative principle being killed, and oriented to imitation ??? We are not in a zoo, there monkeys are trained by imitation, well, our leaders apparently think that we cannot do more.

I'm tired of already crying! Received the task, follow it! You can not, the mind is not enough, then we must give in to those who can! Mlyn accustomed to cut budgets !!!

Aircraft at supersonic speed, start up a super straight line of power lines, on high-voltage electric motors (two electric-two turbo-jets) to take off and landing on a turbo, and on a track to electric from a turbo at supersonic speed. From South America-Alaska-Yakutsk-Moscow-Paris or Vetnam-China-Moscow-Paris.

The body of the aircraft forms the beam and the frame of the aircraft must be strong .. The length of the beam is an important task .. now it is clear why they could not solve the problem of environmental friendliness .. It is clear how to manage new engines and how to reduce heat loads - on the casing and hull elements .. It is clear
Do not overload the crew with visual information
(Cybernetic Pilot) and how to check a dozen auxiliary Electronic systems. (Electronic Diagnostic Device). I for example believe that
21 Century Dream, the New Airline, will be real ..

Do you want to feel? Go to Shoigu from 8.00 to 16.00. :)

About the need or not needed. We just write sanctions, there is no crap live. Everything is just blah workers do not need. This solution to many problems and fly to import and proud. Arrived and yelling why we do not have auto planes, roads, etc. Now they have no shit about their children, they are buying education and talking in a box that they live on 3000 tr, young people don’t need money, and so on. What is correct from the fact that we are flying in Pindos or on our own, we can be proud of the military-industrial complex, but we are also ready to crap, spectacles and conditions. Who will do this Bulk?

I fully support.

There are very tough new sanctions for us and they promise to clearly touch the aviation industry and of course the defenses, and in the Tu-160 they say a lot of imported equipment. So no supersonic passenger liner bude!

In general, it is not clear why the hell this plane might be needed ... Most of the population, because of the high cost of tickets, do not even remember when flying on regular planes.
It is clear that supersonic in this respect will not help anything - only oligarchs will be able to fly on it.
And there will be people in our country jumping up and down from these supersonic gaps throughout the entire length of these flights - because some oligarch, you see, thought of flying ... Double mockery of people, that's all.
Meanwhile, everyone should have the right to peace and tranquility - not only residents of large cities, but also any village that will be located along the course of these planes for the oligarchs.

It is necessary to occupy those niches where there is no one

Something like an interstellar cobble from Mass Effect 3

Khrushchev in 80-ies have long been rotting in the damp earth, learn history

nuclear engine is not and never will

Putin just never says that ... it means they are already doing))

Putin and his oligarch-friends destroyed in our country everything they could reach !!!! What to talk about if we cannot make a medium-haul plane ourselves, from the first to the last screw, what would it be OUR !!!! Putin is so hung up in his promises and slogans that he does not understand what is possible in our country, but what is just fantastic !!!!!

And we have nothing more to do with the president. There are no roads. There is no money for the bridge over Lena, there is no money for the bridge to Sakhalin. Yeah, he wants to fly to Vladivostok faster ??? The question is, why do we need it here, let it fly to Sochi.

I do not know who it was that he was broadcasting from the Tupolev Design Bureau. However, I have a thick book on the Tu-144 with illustrations of factory drawings and interviews of a bunch of designers. Why I refer to it. Well, there except for the further development of the Tu-144. That is, a Tu-144M with a reverse engine and a capacity of 180 people describe the Tu-244 project. They write that the project is generally not who did not close. And he is a bastard designed just for modifications NK-32. However, let me remind you that the progenitor of the NK-32 is the RD-36-51 from the Tu-144D. The TU-244 is a liner with a range of 10000km. Speed ​​2000-2100km and 250-300 passengers. So there is a backlog. If you need much, they will.

So what? To say nonsense for a politician is to attract people's attention. Gorbachev once suggested overtaking Japan when creating cars. And nothing, everyone listened. Khrushchev in the 80 of the last century proposed to build communism ...

supersonic of mass units and parts of the company SU on 8-11 people will be bought up like hot cakes and princes and magnates and military, and so on. and will be profitable

where is this street where is this house .........

This is not an impossible idea. Just a very detailed study.

You can not even sit down and eat fish. First, create a large fleet of domestic aircraft: IL-96-400, MS-21, Superjet; create a fleet of airplanes for the An-3 domestic airlines and the dual Yak-40; and then engage in supersonic for the president and billionaires. This supersonic will not be available to the common people.
One gets the impression that Putin is used to getting everything at the click of his fingers. It would be better if he snapped his fingers so that less would become poor. And then they created Avant-garde, Poseidon, and at the same time 4 million more poor people for 4 last year.



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