Damaged tank


Russian military patrol in Syria fired at from grenade launchers - BTR-82 was damaged

A patrol with the Russian military was fired upon in Syria - a Russian armored personnel carrier was damaged.

A few hours ago, the Russian news outlet InfoSMI reported that during another joint Russian-Turkish patrol of the territory of Syria, a group of unknown jihadists fired at Russian vehicles from grenade launchers, as a result of which Russian armored vehicles were damaged.

“A patrol consisting of Turkish and Russian soldiers was subjected to grenade fire in Syria. It is reported that two Russian servicemen were injured as a result of the attack. The damage was sustained by the military police armored personnel carriers There are no more details about what happened at the moment. Earlier, on September 22, Sergei Lavrov announced that the suspended joint patrolling of territories by Russian and Turkish military in the Idlib province of Syria would be resumed. More specifically, we are talking about the M4 highway, on which an attack was recently carried out on the military forces of the terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (a criminal organization recognized as banned on the territory of Russia) ", - about it сообщает edition "InfoSMI".

The source does not specify exactly when the attack on the Russian military was carried out, however, this is far from the first time when jihadists attack the Russian military, and, moreover, the situation is probably aggravated by the fact that Turkey banally does not fulfill the agreements previously concluded with Russia on the creation in this region Syrian de-escalation zone.

According to a number of sources, Russia expressed a strong protest to Turkey, demanding to immediately ensure the security of the region, threatening to deal with this issue on its own otherwise.

The last photo shows a tank and not an APC