Fighter Su-35 VKS


Russia was convicted of wanting to sell MiG-35 fighters to Azerbaijan

It became known about Russia's intentions to sell MiG-35 aircraft to Azerbaijan.

Against the background of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the media accused Russia of intending to support both sides of the conflict, setting Armenia up to buy more Su-30SM fighters, as well as offering Azerbaijan to arm itself with MiG-35 fighters. According to sources, Russia intends to implement its plans in the near future.

“Russia will help Armenia to strengthen its air force, and at the same time will sell its combat aircraft to Azerbaijan. Moscow is ready to arm both sides of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh. Now Baku relies on Soviet-made combat aircraft, which are 30 years old or more. There are 19 Su-25 attack aircraft, 13 of which were "supplied" by Georgia, and 6 - by Belarus, as well as 15 MiG-29 fighters, which were "supplied" by Ukraine. At the same time, Yerevan has access to Russian aircraft of the "4+" generation. The country's Air Force has 4 heavy Su-30SM fighters, with plans to purchase 8 more units. The operation of the fleet of 12 such high-class aircraft will significantly enhance the country's defense capability. Azerbaijan reported back in April that its pilots conducted test flights in Russia, including on the newest light MiG-35 fighters of the 4 ++ generation. However, later, Baku announced that it was considering the purchase of heavy Su-35 generation "4 ++". The indecision of Azerbaijanis is due to the fact that they want to get a decisive quality advantage over the Armenians ", - about it сообщает Russian news publication "Reporter", citing sources "Military Watch".

Both Yerevan and Baku have indeed announced plans to acquire Russian combat aircraft, however, experts believe that further work with Russia will begin after the end of the current conflict - Armenia and Azerbaijan realize that for the most effective renewal of their air forces, they need modern combat aircraft. , and the closest partner of each of the parties is precisely Russia. Nevertheless, at the moment, Russia will not intervene in the conflict between the parties, however, it will obviously insist on a diplomatic solution to this problem, which, by the way, is very difficult to implement against the background of full-scale hostilities and serious losses on each side.