Fire carousel in Syria


The network was impressed by the shots of the “fire carousel” of the Russian Mi-24 in Syria. Video

The “fire carousel” of the Russian Mi-24P was videotaped in Syria.

The spectacular video of a tactical device called the “fire carousel” used by Mi-24P helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Force of the Russian Federation has been posted online. It looks like this. Several helicopters (in this case, six) are in a circle, firing off one at a time to an object intended for destruction or a certain piece of terrain. The high effect of the use of front aviation is provided by the adjustment of fire from the ground.

The events captured in the video took place in Syria in 2015. The role of the spotter was performed by the commander of the group of troops in one of the directions. The officers, literally fascinated by what was happening and got into excitement, tried to duplicate the commands given on the radio. Of course, the crews of the Mi-24P, located one and a half kilometers away, could not see them.

The fire on the positions of militants, located on the slope of a small mountain, was fired from guns and unguided rockets. After working in the “Fiery carousel”, the helicopters returned to the place of deployment. When they flew past the command post, they kindly waved their hands from the ground.