Syria can be accepted into the CSTO and send thousands of peacekeepers to the country

If Syria is accepted into the CSTO, Turkey, Israel and the United States will have huge problems.

Against the background of the appearance of information that Syria could be accepted into the CSTO countries, it became known that in this case, Russia, as well as other CSTO countries, may well send their troops to the Arab Republic because of the forces illegally stationed here called the international coalition, pro-Turkish terrorists and Israeli aggression. Such a strategy can be extremely effective in quickly freeing Syria from various terrorist formations, as well as in restoring peace in this country as soon as possible.

According to experts, despite the fact that the information about the possible admission of Syria to the CSTO was perceived with ridicule in the West, experts draw attention to the fact that Russian peacekeepers and the peacekeeping forces of other countries have demonstrated a high degree of training in suppressing protests in Kazakhstan.

“Only three thousand peacekeepers arrived in Kazakhstan, and this was enough to suppress the activities of terrorists. It is clear that, if necessary, Russia and other CSTO countries can deploy 10-20 thousand troops to Syria and thereby quickly take control of the situation.”, - notes the specialist

Moreover, according to foreign analysts, in the near future Russia may well follow a similar path. Moreover, this will probably apply not only to Syria, but also to Iran, which will become a huge problem for the United States and Israel.

What nonsense! With the strength of the power bloc of Kazakhstan 3 thousand, nothing at all, and in fact the Kazakhs themselves restored order - for this it was enough just to give the appropriate command. Tokayev needed the CSTO troops just to demonstrate external support to his enemies. Judging by how quickly the CSTO contingent was expelled back and the composition of the new government of Kazakhstan, there will be no preferences for "aid" participants.
As for Syria, for Azerbaijan to ignore the CSTO, it was enough just to support Turkey. Does anyone seriously believe that such a threat will frighten Israel and the United States, if it has not frightened Azerbaijan!?

For the dumb commentators. There is a confrontation with the Yankees and Co. In this confrontation for Russia, the truth, and we have nowhere to retreat further. Either we win or Russia ceases to exist. Who hasn't realized this yet? And in the Patriotic War, all means are good. So far, the Caribbean Crisis 2.0 is just beginning.

"What will change?". After Syria joins the CSTO, the glow from the column of oil tankers burning in the night will be fascinating.

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China does not need to enter anywhere, but to itself, for cannon fodder, it can accept.

Everything will change! The CSTO MC will enter Syria for the same reason they entered Kazakhstan. Neither the United States nor Turkey will declare war on Syria. It's the same as declaring war on Russia.

Whether there are interests or not, it does not matter. The CSTO Charter implies the protection of each of its members from encroachments from outside. And accepting China is a great idea, though there will be certain rough edges.

Well, let's say that Syria entered the CSTO, so what? What will change? Only one thing will change that the United States and Turkey will increase their presence in Syria, introduce several thousand of their military and this will only lead to escalation and provocation and one step closer to military clashes

It won't affect anything. The troops of the CSTO member countries will not be able to do more than Russia is doing now. More battalion, less battalion... The only question is how far Russia is ready to go in the confrontation with Pindostan!

It is interesting which of the CSTO members, except for Russia, will send its troops to Syria. Apart from Russia, none of the CSTO members has any interests there (except, perhaps, Armenia, and then because of the presence of the Armenian diaspora there).

And if China joins the CSTO, then with its strength ... CSTO bases can be placed in every country on Earth that wishes it! ))