The United States announced the transfer of warships to the Black Sea for permanent deployment

Washington announced the transfer of warships to the Black Sea to block the Russian fleet.

The United States announced preparations for the transfer of American warships into the waters of the Black Sea to block the Russian fleet. According to preliminary information, we are talking about the permanent basing of US Navy ships in this region, obviously, despite the existence of the Montreux Convention.

Washington clarifies that the transfer of US Navy warships to the Black Sea is associated with increased tensions between Ukraine and Russia, while, apparently, the arrival of the American fleet is due to a request from Kiev.

At the moment, the American side does not specify how long American warships are planning to stay in the Black Sea and in what composition it is planned to transfer American strike groups here is not specified.

Quite remarkable is the fact that immediately after the appearance of such information, it became known that in the near future Russia intends to transfer ships of the Caspian Flotilla to the Black Sea as part of the ongoing exercises, which indicates that Russia intends to seriously prevent the emergence of ships of the US Navy.

As naive as a girl. Once the mass media got it on their heads and you believe everything.

Yes, especially not to anything. Enough nuclear submarines are "peacefully" in the drift.

Their electronics will be burned, and how will they sail home, on oars?

What other request from Kiev can there be? They do not decide anything, all decisions are made in the State Department, and Kiev only voices, supposedly, its own decision.

Any ship can accidentally be blown up by a mine from the Second World War ... or its imitation.

And can you link to the message about PERMANENT Basing?

It would not be bad, only we have few ships, there is nothing to send to Cuba.

Yes, exactly, it is necessary that behind the puddle they understand that they are at gunpoint

Well, if this is actually the case, then we need to negotiate with Venezuela and Cuba on the basing of our submarines and surface ships in their ports.