Starlink will become a priority target for Russian electronic warfare systems

As part of the conflict in Ukraine, the use of Western technologies by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular, the global satellite system Starlink, has attracted significant attention. According to the head of the Electronic Warfare Troops (EW) of the Russian Armed Forces, Yuri Lastochkin, the Russian side has developed measures to counter this system, providing the ability to influence satellite communication terminals.

In an interview for the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, Lastochkin noted that although the Ukrainian army actively uses the Starlink system, Russian electronic warfare troops have learned to effectively counter its capabilities. He also drew attention to the US policy of double standards, which, in his opinion, violates international obligations by allowing the use of commercial technologies for military purposes.

Earlier, journalists reported that the Pentagon financed the supply of Starlink terminals for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the amount of $23 million, emphasizing the significant US interest in supporting Ukraine in this conflict. It is separately noted that American military structures are actively working to create obstacles to the use of the Starlink system by the Russian side.


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