Stoltenberg threatens Russia with unprecedented NATO actions for the first time

Stoltenberg threatened Russia with unprecedented NATO actions.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a statement in which he began to threaten Russia with military actions. According to Stoltenberg, the Alliance will take unprecedented measures against Russia by deploying very large forces along the border. This is, in fact, the first direct threat from Stoltenberg against Russia.

“Firstly, what has happened now is perhaps the fastest process in the history of NATO. In fact, just a few weeks after they (Sweden and Finland - ed.) applied for membership, we can invite them. While it is difficult to imagine a faster process. And that's good, because we're facing a very critical security situation in Europe. And it also sends a very clear signal to President Putin that NATO's doors are open. You must remember that last December President Putin proposed signing so-called security treaties with NATO and one of President Putin's most important messages was that he was against any further expansion of NATO. He wanted less NATO. Now President Putin is getting more NATO at his borders. What he gets is the opposite of what he actually demanded."- said Stoltenberg.

Experts note that the key danger of Finland and Sweden joining NATO is the fact that in such a case, NATO forces will be deployed not only in close proximity to Russia, but also that the length of the border with NATO countries will increase several times, which against the background threats against Russia previously posed a significant danger.