Missile launches


Shooting from the unique "Tor-M2DT" caused a sensation

Battle Shooting Tor-M2DT caused a real sensation.

For the first time, anti-aircraft gunners from the Russian Northern Fleet conducted firing from the arctic anti-aircraft missile systems Tor-M2DT. A video of these training shoots at Kapustin Yar has been posted on the YouTube YouTube site.

The targets on which the Torah launched missiles were maneuvering and speedy. They were launched in different directions. They flew at different altitudes, thereby imitating the aircraft of a conditional enemy. After completion of the exercises, anti-aircraft missile systems will be sent to the places of permanent deployment for combat duty.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense, “Tor-M2DT” has a unique cross-country ability. He is able to perform tasks and 50-degree frost. It only takes a few seconds to hit a target after it is detected. At the same time, Thor is coping with its task, despite the electronic warfare.

What these rockets "caused a real furor" ??? Speed ​​is very
small. While flying, you can run a hundred times.