Stewardess Muslim


Stewardess is Muslim, was fired from the airline for refusing to offer alcohol to passengers

The stewardess was fired from a Muslim for refusing to offer airline passengers with alcohol.

Shari Stanley, who until recently worked at ExpressJet Airlines, was fired by the airline's management after she refused to offer alcohol to passengers on the flight. In fact, the employee of the airline operator was not fired, but sent on a 12-month unpaid leave, however, the situation itself has already caused a real resonance in society.

It is necessary to clarify that according to Muslim religious law, a person dealing with religion of Islam should lead abstinence from alcohol, while there are both supporters that the guilty in this consensus is both the company management that violates the rights of believers and those who believe that guilty of the situation is directly stewardess herself that when applying for a job should consider all factors, which it would be required to face.

Why do we have to reckon with someone else's prejudices alien to us? Properly done, it is their right dictates. Let him go back where you came from and shakes it right. With civilized people close to her do nothing.

The resonance in the society. What a nightmare. Egregious cases, nothing can be nightmarish in life to see a historic moment.
Fails to fulfill its obligations - bye!
And do not care who it was, a Muslim, a homosexual, or radical feminist Buddhist.



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