ISIS terrorists shot down an F-16 fighter over Sinai

F-16 fighter shot down over Sinai.

Terrorists of the Islamic State group (ISIS, banned in Russia - approx. Ed.) Destroyed an F-16 fighter belonging to the Egyptian Air Force over the Sinai Peninsula. A combat aircraft was shot down from MANPADS during a special mission to strike at terrorist positions.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Egypt on this subject, however, information about the destruction of a combat aircraft was confirmed, but, nevertheless, with the proviso that the fighter crashed due to a technical malfunction.

It is noteworthy that according to the statement of the Islamic State terrorists, after the rocket hit the fighter, the pilot ejected, after which he was captured, in connection with which, the terrorists are likely to publish the corresponding photo and video frames.

It should be clarified that recently, the activity of ISIS terrorists on the Sinai Peninsula has grown rapidly, while not only Egyptian fighters, but also Israeli combat aircraft are involved in attacks on militants.

How safe flights over the Sinai are at present is unknown.