Of small-plane M-12


Three people were injured in the crash of small-engine aircraft in the Krasnodar Territory

In the Krasnodar region of small-engine plane crashed.

As a result of the disaster that occurred near the village of Vostochny, three people were injured aboard a small-engine aircraft M-12. Currently, their condition is assessed as satisfactory, but all people have numerous injuries and injuries of varying degrees of severity.

The incident occurred about 19 pm, at the same time, the very plane crashed in a wooded area, and experts believe that it is so managed to avoid casualties, and if the incident took place in an open area, it is likely to survive the chances of passengers and the pilot would not have been.

The reasons for the collapse occurred is currently installed by specialists, however, according to the preliminary version, an emergency could occur due to engine failure caused by inadequate service quality of the aircraft.