MLRS strike Turkey


Turkey launches multiple missile strikes on Syrian forces in southern Idlib

Turkey has launched more than 20 missile strikes on the Syrian positions.

Despite the fact that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Turkish military operation, which is, in essence, an attempt to occupy part of Syrian territory, will be carried out only in the northern part of Syria, it became known that Turkish troops went to unexpected escalation in Idlib, attacking the positions of the Syrian army with multiple missile strikes.

"In Syria, the escalation continues slowly but surely: the Turkish army began to fire at the positions of the Syrian army in southern Idlib using large-caliber rockets.", - informs "Telegram" - community "Militarist".

At the same time, the journalists of the information and news agency managed to obtain information that the attack on the position of the SAA in Idlib was carried out with the help of the Turkish MLRS "T-122 Sakarya". At the same time, there is still no data on the damage caused, injured and casualties among the SAA servicemen.

The Turkish escalation, in turn, is a direct violation of the agreements between Moscow and Ankara. This could lead to irreparable consequences for the Turkish troops illegally stationed in the Syrian province of Idlib.

“Unlike the Syrian troops, Turkey cannot get air support in Idlib, but the Syrian fighters and bombers will be enough for the losses of the Turkish army in the region to reach a thousand people in just a day. If Erdogan wants to act according to this scenario, then Damascus is ready to humiliate Ankara, just like a year and a half ago ", - the expert marks.

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