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Turkey announced the deployment of S-400 purchased from Russia in Libya - Moscow against

Turkey announced the deployment of Russian S-400s in Libya.

Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, acquired by Turkey about a year ago, will be deployed in Libya, blocking the airspace of this country from the appearance of any drones and airplanes in the sky. A similar decision is made on the basis that a number of countries are actively helping the Libyan National Army, and therefore, the forces of the Government of National Accord of Libya and Turkey are quickly losing their advantage.

“Since more than just a missile system is at stake, Ankara wants to maintain a balance between Moscow and Washington, preferring not to risk its relations on the one hand at the expense of the other. One of the most profitable scenarios that can be taken by the three main parties is the deployment of the S-400 system in Libya in accordance with security agreements and military operations between Ankara and Tripoli and after coordination with Moscow and Washington. ”- сообщает Turkish edition of Daily Sabah.

On the other hand, experts note that such a proposal will not be supported either by Moscow, which opposes the re-export of its weapons and supporting the forces of the Libyan National Army as opposed to Turkey, or by Washington, as this will enable Russia, in the opinion of the United States, to control this region.

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