Turkish military


Turkish military train Ukrainian military personnel in Donbass

Turkish military have been spotted in the Donbass region.

The Turkish military takes an active part in the hostilities in the territory of Donbass. This is reported by the information publication "Nordic Monitor", noting that the training of the Ukrainian military is actually taking place. Moreover, this is happening not only on the territory of Ukraine itself, but also on the territory of Turkey. It is known that the training of Ukrainian military personnel began in Turkey back in 2016, however, later the interaction of Turkish and Ukrainian military personnel was expanded and the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was carried out already on the territory of Ukraine, including not far from the contact line in Donbass.

“Turkey has been training special forces units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2016. Writes about this "Nordic Monitor". The training of specialists takes place not only on the territory of Ukraine itself, but also in Turkey. Initially, which included an agreement on training only spetsnaz, it was later extended to other branches of the armed forces. ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Military Observer", referring to the data of "Nordic Monitor".

It is known that the Turkish military also used Bayraktar TB2 attack drones in Donbass, although it is probably only about training Ukrainian military personnel to work with these UAVs. There are suggestions that the drone strike, which was previously reported, could have been inflicted by a Turkish operator as a demonstration.

As the USA, Europe and Turkey want, dream that the Ukrainian boys would start shooting at the Russians. Ukrainian guys, they want to live - they will run away, whoever wants to play war will be killed.

Panzer Division: Javelins or Bayraktars? Javelins, I think: 4 pieces in 1 minute in cold weather. And you only need two lads. Before lunch - 3 battalions, and after lunch - a division!

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