Shock UAV


Turkish attack drone "Anka-S" flew over a Russian airbase in Syria

Turkey went to a serious provocation in Syria against the Russian military.

A Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicle, armed with MAM-L ammunition capable of hitting ground targets at distances of up to 14 kilometers, made a provocative flight near the location of the Russian military air base in the city of Kamyshly. We are talking about the ANKA-S unmanned attack aircraft, which Turkish troops have recently switched to in Syria in order to ensure low visibility.

ANKA-S unmanned aerial vehicles have been spotted near Tel Rifat, Kobani and the Syrian city of Kamyshli, according to Anatolia Intel.

"Anka-S attack unmanned aerial vehicles of the Turkish Air Force performed intensive flights today in the regions of Tel Rifat, Ain al-Arab (Koban) and Qamishli.", reports Anatolia Intel.

Of particular concern is the fact of the flight of a Turkish attack drone over the city of Kamyshly, since the Russian military airbase is located here, where helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, transport aircraft, UAVs, etc. were previously seen. Such a provocation from Turkey is very dangerous, since the city of Kamyshli was previously Turkey intended to include in the area of ​​its illegal military operation against the Kurds and the SAA.

A little earlier, the attempt of the Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2 to approach the Khmeimim airbase ended with its destruction, as previously reported by the news agency, however, at the moment, any comments from the command of the Russian Armed Forces regarding the incident there is no incident yet.

While Putin and Erdogan have nothing to fear from hugs and kisses, we extinguish fires, supply the latest weapons. We supply gas at a cheap price and build nuclear power plants for our own money. Isn't this a strong male friendship?

and where were our complexes at that time?

Bayraktar was shot down, but why was Anka allowed in?