Singapore Airlines Airline


The landing gear of the plane "Singapore Airlines" fell off

We airliner "Singapore Airlines"Fallen off landing gear.

The accident happened on the eve of the day, at the same time, as it became known resource, the incident took place in the immediate landing of passengers on board the aircraft. According to eye-witnesses, and witnesses for a moment before the accident, there was a rattle of metal, followed by standing aircraft jerked and fell on the nose, which caused a small panic passengers.

The reason that there was a breakdown nose landing gear airliner remains unknown, but experts have expressed the view that in all probability, this is due to depreciation of fixed fasteners and proizoydi it while trying to take off, it might have been a catastrophic situation with hundreds of victims and victims.

It is noted that within a few hours of air carrier gave its passengers other aviabort.

But TASS writes that at the time of the incident on board was only one engineer and the plane was in the parking lot ...
And whom to believe, it is not clear!