Ukraine can go on a counteroffensive within 2-3 weeks

Kyiv expects to receive additional helicopters, fighter jets and long-range missiles to launch a counteroffensive.

At the moment, there are three most dangerous areas for the offensive of Ukrainian troops. In particular, we are talking about the Donetsk direction, Zaporozhye region and Kherson region. It is in these areas that large Ukrainian forces are concentrated and the largest number of weapons are deployed. However, at the moment, Kyiv is awaiting the supply of combat aircraft from Poland, Macedonia and Slovakia to provide air support, as well as additional ammunition for HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

The most likely direction of attack may be the Donetsk direction. Both the Wagner PMC and a number of military analysts are sure of this, believing that this is the least protected line, on which, due to ongoing fighting, protective lines are not organized.

According to Western analysts, attacks should be expected in the middle of next month, although it is more than likely that the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin as early as the first week of April, probably with the use of artillery.



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