Ukraine announced the severance of the Minsk agreements on Donbass

Ukraine refused to conduct further negotiations on the status of Donbass.

The Ukrainian authorities announced that they no longer see the expediency of holding negotiations on the Donbass in Minsk, in fact, having announced either a freeze in the negotiation process or a complete breakdown of the Minsk agreements. This can create very serious problems for the DPR and LPR, since today significant forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, heavy equipment, cannon and rocket artillery, etc. are located in the border areas.

“The Ukrainian delegation is guided by two things. First, we believe that the epidemiological situation does not allow us to go to Minsk, and we prefer to stay in the videoconference mode. Second: this is the situation in Belarus, namely, what we did not recognize as President-elect Lukashenka. Ukraine denied him the right to represent the Belarusian people. That is, in such a state, it would be a huge mistake to go to the country and appeal to its intermediary services "- said in the message.

To date, the number of clashes in the Donbass between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the militias has increased significantly. At the same time, both the Ukrainian side and the self-proclaimed republics have losses. So far, we are not talking about full-scale clashes.

"Dementia and courage" this expression is very suitable for the Ukrainian government. Closer and closer to their own demise.

An interesting situation. Every Olympic Games.
Biden said that Russia is already interfering in the elections in 2022. The Utopia is leaving Minsk.
Every olympic games alarming news and wars

Honestly, I'm tired of ... "Minsk", .. "Donbass", .. "Ukraine".
Kiev initially did not plan to comply with the Minsk Agreements.
If they want to freeze, let them freeze or go to war, they will decide everything faster than this protracted public performance for Kiev to beg for money from the West, and people there do not live in peace or war, but they constantly shoot there.

My sister worked as a lawyer at a bank. And their cashier-teller went crazy, right at the workplace (it also happens). She ran around the operating room and shouted (using non-normative vocabulary) that she had her period and therefore she would not be able to go to the sea.