Ukrainian troops entered Koroviy Yar, Yekaterinovka and Kupyansk-Uzlovaya.

Ukrainian troops entered three more settlements - Kupyansk-Uzlovy, Yekaterinovka and Koroviy Yar.

Ukrainian troops managed to enter the territory of the settlements of Kupyansk-Uzlovoy in the Kharkov region, as well as enter the settlements of Ekaterinovka and Koroviy Yar in the Donetsk region. This is evidenced by the data of Russian journalists, as well as video materials on which you can see how Ukrainian troops are moving through the respective settlements.

About a day ago, Ukrainian troops entered the territory of the settlement of Kupyansk-Uzlovaya. This is evidenced by video footage taken near the railway station of this settlement. This will not give the Ukrainian military a significant advantage, but rather complicate the defense, since now the Ukrainian troops will have to carry out defense on the left bank of the Oskol River, in fact, being cut off from the possibility of a quick withdrawal.

According to Russian journalist Semyon Pegov, the Ukrainian military also managed to take the settlement of Yekaterinovka, this happened after quite fierce battles.

“After the first assault on the Russian Army, it was then possible to recapture the village, but today the enemy has again taken control of it, which greatly complicates the defense of Krasny Liman and Drobyshevo”, - reports the project "WarGonzo".

Among other things, Ukrainian troops were also seen entering the territory of the Koroviy Yar settlement. This is evidenced by video footage on which you can see how a column of Ukrainian military equipment enters the territory of a settlement in the Donetsk region.


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