Lightning strike on the plane


In Moscow, lightning strikes damaged two passenger airliners

Two airliners damaged by lightning strikes during the last thunderstorm.

The first incident with the damage of a passenger aircraft occurred at the time of departure of a regular flight Moscow - Novy Urengoy, due to which the crew of the aircraft made a decision to return to the airport of departure. The plane received minor damage, and at the same time, none of the people aboard was injured.

The second incident of the day occurred late at night - during the landing of the Cyprus – Moscow flight, a lightning strike struck the aircraft, leaving light damage on it, which experts are currently dealing with eliminating. As in the first case, none of the passengers aboard, nor the crew members were injured.

Information resource notes that lightning often enough enters the aircraft, while large airliners usually do not receive damage, while for light aircraft it usually ends in a crash with the death of people.