In the Nikolaev region, while trying to attack, a fighter was shot down

The MiG-29 fighter was shot down while trying to strike in the Nikolaev region.

The anti-aircraft missile system successfully intercepted the MiG-29 fighter while trying to deliver missile strikes. As it became known, the plane tried to covertly approach at a low altitude and launch air-to-surface missiles, however, just a few seconds before the strike, the fighter was successfully detected by the anti-aircraft missile system and hit.

According to official data, the combat aircraft was shot down near the village of Chervony Stav, in the Bashtansky district of the Nikolaev region. As a result of an accurate hit of an anti-aircraft guided missile into a combat aircraft, the latter received critical damage and fell to the ground. At the same time, the fate of the pilot on board the fighter remains unknown - according to some reports, the latter still managed to eject, but there are no detailed details on this matter.

Where exactly the fighter took off from, the sources do not specify, however, judging by the successful deployment of defense in depth in this region, the use of this kind of combat aircraft is extremely ineffective.

With the use of which particular air defense system the combat aircraft was hit, it is also not officially specified.