Rocket strike


Russia has launched the production of complexes that "blind" the enemy's precision weapons - there are no analogues in the world

Russia became the first country in the world to launch the production of anti-precision weapons systems.

Against the background of more and more countries adopting precision weapons, Russian specialists have successfully developed and, as it became known, have already launched the production of unique systems that nullify the combat capabilities of the enemy's precision weapons. According to representatives of the Rostec corporation, the new systems are capable of blinding the enemy's high-precision weapons, as a result of which, instead of precision destruction of targets, missiles and loitering ammunition deflect tens of meters, thereby causing no damage.

The press service of the Rostec state corporation reports that the unique Russian system independently detects a high-precision missile approaching a combat vehicle and creates an almost impenetrable smoke screen, as a result of which the missile cannot be accurately guided to the target and the latter is almost guaranteed to miss the target.

It is noteworthy that the latest Russian system is "universal" and is capable of protecting against high-precision enemy missiles with laser, optical, thermal and radar guidance.

Taking into account the started serial production, in the near future the systems will begin to enter service with the Russian army, and in the future, they will probably be exported to other countries.

In Russia, they launched the production of complexes that "blind" the enemy's high-precision weapons - there are no analogues in the world - accompanied by a demonstration of amer's weapons as their own ...