Launching a cruise missile


The USA announced the tests of the "destroyer" of the Black Sea Fleet ships "in realistic conditions"

The US Navy command issued a provocative statement.

The command of the American fleet issued a provocative report, stating that it intends to test the anti-ship cruise missile LRASM, positioned as a "destroyer" of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, in realistic conditions. From the published document, it follows that the United States plans to test the missile in the airspace over the Black Sea.

“Recently, the Office of the Director of Operational Testing and Evaluation (Adviser to the US Secretary of Defense on Operational and Combat Testing and Weapon System Evaluations) published an annual report. It says that the current version of LRASM suffers from multiple hardware and software failures, and therefore the Navy should conduct a thorough testing process on the new version to ensure that it demonstrates its capabilities under realistic operating conditions. "LRASM 1.1 should be loaded using the full set of expected operating conditions," the document says. ", - the publication "Rambler" reports.

Such statements by the United States are not only provocative, but also very dangerous, since Russia is unlikely to agree to the testing of any American missiles in the waters of the Black Sea, let alone the fact that it will be ready to respond to any dangerous US actions in relation to its fleet.

According to analysts, if the United States takes such an unprecedented step, then Russia may well respond with launches of its cruise missiles, including the launch of Zircon hypersonic missiles off the coast of the United States.

Quote: ".." Destroyer "of the Black Sea Fleet ships of the Russian Navy ..."
For a normal society, the statement is extremely unacceptable, we never speak in the style of a direct threat to the United States, even in narrow military circles, the "Pentagon people" are considered "a possible potential adversary", but there are no statements about the destruction of the US Armed Forces.
And who is preparing to attack and wage an unjust war, no need to guess!
By the way, the Black Sea Fleet is not the main force in the limited space of the Black Sea and all aggressors will be met from the coast and the air, and from a great distance.



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