An 80-kilometer column of military equipment advanced towards Beijing, the leaders of the country were arrested

Hundreds of vehicles are seen moving to Beijing from all over China.

The circumstances of the transfer of military equipment towards Beijing are still unknown, however, sources in the PRC report that military equipment, including armored vehicles, tanks and other weapons, are located approximately 20 kilometers from the Chinese capital. And, in fact, we are talking about creating a perimeter around the Chinese capital.

On the video footage presented, you can see one of the largest military columns, probably ever organized in history - its length is about 80 kilometers. Moreover, as part of the military column there are hundreds of units of the most diverse military equipment. The circumstances of the transfer of weapons in the direction of Beijing remain unknown, however, there is some information that the Premier of the State Council of China, Li Kecang, was arrested by the army.

The unexpected pulling of PRC military equipment towards Beijing has caused very serious concern, however, at the moment there are no official statements on this matter.

It should be noted that information is being circulated on the Web that allegedly the military command of the PRC decided to stage a coup d'etat, however, such information is not true.


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