UK donates more than 2000 anti-tank missile systems to Ukrainian Armed Forces

The UK has delivered more than 2000 anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine.

Over the past few days, the UK has transferred a huge amount of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Initially, it was assumed that we were talking about the delivery to Ukraine of only a little more than a thousand anti-tank missile systems, however, as it became known, we are talking about more than two thousand anti-tank systems, which could play a significant role in the conflict in Donbass.

The data that the UK transferred a large number of anti-tank systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine were announced by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. At the same time, it is noteworthy that a number of sources reported that part of the complexes, after entering the warehouses, had already been transferred to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass, although today, due to the relatively small range of targets, they may well be considered useless, but at the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can use them for provocations and sabotage.

“The UK has sent more than 2000 NLAW anti-tank missiles to Ukrainian forces to use against Russian tanks if they break through the front lines. Mr Hippie said British missile deliveries showed support and warned: "What we have before us could very well be in a few weeks", - the Mirror reports, citing the British and Ukrainian defense departments.

Today, in some sectors of the front, Ukrainian troops are only a few hundred meters from the positions of the militia. This makes it possible to use these complexes for striking. Moreover, it is very remarkable that London did not limit the use of these weapons only for protection.

the number of Russian tanks in service. The rest will be used in other ways.

I involuntarily recalled the brilliantly conducted military operation by Zhukov to storm the Seelow Heights in Germany in 1945.

It's time to draw new red lines....

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Remarkable is the fact...



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