Attacks against Syria


Russian Aerospace Forces unleash powerful strikes across southern Idlib

Russian aircraft launched missile strikes across southern Idlib.

An attempt by terrorists to damage the Syrian army deployed in Idlib, expressed by artillery shelling of the SAA positions, forced the Russian military to demonstrate the use of force to the militants. According to the militants' resources, Russian military aircraft launched missile strikes on several terrorist positions this afternoon. This led to serious losses in the ranks of the latter, and also destroyed their positions.

"Missile attacks on the vicinity of the settlements of Maatram, Ormaljuz, Eblin, Basamis in the south of Idlib, the city of Katyan in the northeast of Idlib and the city of Kfarnoran in the west of Aleppo", - pro-Turkish resources report.

One of the missile strikes can be seen in the video footage presented. Apparently, one of the terrorist gathering points was covered by an air strike, however, the militants so far do not want to comment on any losses. This is primarily due to the already severe demoralization of the jihadists, which even led to discord among the militants due to the lack of any meaningful support from Ankara.

It should be noted that despite the rather massive attacks by the Syrian army and aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the offensive in Idlib has not yet begun, although it was expected that this should happen at the beginning of the month.

To be afraid of wolves - do not go to the forest!)

This is how it should be. Barmaley fired on, we bombed, cleared the place. The Syrians took the point. And so step by step.

Wouldn't lead to clashes between Russia and Turkey.