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The Russian Aerospace Forces will receive heavy shock UAVs "Okhotnik" in 2024 - the drone has been seriously improved

The Okhotnik strike UAVs will begin to be supplied to the troops in 2.5 years.

Against the background of the fact that tests of the newest domestic heavy attack unmanned aerial vehicle S-70 "Okhotnik" are being carried out ahead of schedule, it became known that by 2024 the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive the first attack drones of this type. As it turned out, the drone has been significantly improved over the past year, which has expanded the possibilities of using this aircraft.

As follows from the information provided by the Deputy General Director of the Rostec Corporation Vladimir Artyakov, the domestic strike UAV "Okhotnik" will have a long range. In all likelihood, this applies not only to the execution of missions to strike at ground and sea targets, but also to the interception of air targets, since the S-70 "Okhotnik" UAV belongs to the class of interceptor drones.

“It has a larger combat radius and wider functionality. "Okhotnik" will be able to interact with other aircraft, in particular with the Su-57, jointly use new tactics and capabilities of elements of artificial intelligence ", - said Artyakov.

Among other things, according to the Deputy General Director of the Rostec Corporation, tests of the domestic drone will be completed in the near future, and starting in 2024, the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive the first drones for service - they, most likely, will be able to operate together with Su fighters -57.


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